I enjoy crafting clean and responsive UI, digging into new and interesting APIs, and exploring new ways to foster meaningful communication between services and people on the web.

When not facing off with a computer I like to play sports, visit parks, read fiction, and celebrate life with family and friends.

Subscriber to the notion of continuous learning - and view my own affair with web technologies as a dynamic, lifelong journey of growth.




  • Building User Interfaces
  • REST APIs and Web Services
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  • iOS Development
  • Test-Driven-Development (TDD)
  • Version control
  • Continuous Integration
  • MVC & Flux architechture
  • DNS, Hosting
  • DOM tree & web scraping


A few of my favorites

html css js jquery node express react redux firebase mongo git github npm powershell sql mocha


Local Hoops

Local Hoops is an iOS app that let's users find nearby basketball courts

Built with: React-Native, Redux, Firebase

react redux firebase
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NousFood is a web app for following Nootropic related content. It integrates with PubMed and Twitter to provide scholarly articles and the hottest Nootropic related tweets

Built with: React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB

react redux node mongo
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An application for securely managing a personal digital bookshelf

Built with: ReactJS, Redux

react redux
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Eric's Shelf


Shelf API

The backend API service supporting the Shelf Application

Built with: NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB

node express mongo
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National Parks Explorer

Explore America’s National Parks. Search by park name, state, keyword, or Map search

Built with: JQuery, HTML, CSS

html css jquery
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Work Achievements

Automated Excel Compare

@ Compass Analytics

Co-designed and developed an automated system for comparing Excel workbooks. Detected differences were flagged and raised to the appropriate internal team(s).

Additional Features: Table driven settings, Notifications integrated with Wrike API, Database logging, Automated alerting, Auto-generates weekly reports

Built with: Powershell, Excel, SQL Server, Task Scheduler

powershell sql excel

Web Scrapers / ETL

@ Compass Analytics

Developed a suite of scripts to scrape data from the web. Once scraped, the data was cleaned and transformed as needed before load into a SQL database.

Built with: Powershell, SQL Server, Task Scheduler

powershell sql

API Integrations

@ Compass Analytics

Designed and implemented multiple integrations through use of API's and web services.

Integrations: Wrike, Docusign, Slack, Docparser